Biotelemetry (or medical telemetry) is used by professionals and researches in different fields and application by medicine, biology, health care and engineering, among other. Its use involves the study of telemetric instruments, networks, communication method, routing that allow tracking, monitoring, recording and measurement of functions and measurements of a living organisms’.

Topics include:

Unit 1

  •              Basic principles for radio signal transmission 
  •              Antenna theory
  •             Telemetric technology, regulations and management of frequencies
  •             GPS Systems in biotelemetry
  •             VHF systems in biotelemetry 

Unit 2

  •             Technologies for biotelemetry 

  •             Optical Telemetry 

  •             Sensors in Telemetry 

Unit 3

  •             Human Research Telemetry 

  •             Ambulatory & Bedside Monitoring 

  •             Implantable Telemetry

Unit 4 

  •              Telemedicine 

  •             Clinical medicine 

  •             Data Healthcare 

Course Evaluation

First Term 30% Class participation. State of the art work

Second Term 30% Reading notes and critique Project 1

Third Term 40% Project 2